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Mailchimp Bulk User Delete

I have found many times where I’ve wanted to mass delete users from a Mailchimp list – and this isn’t something mailchimp provide, so I’ve written a script that uses Mailchimp’s very good API to delete email addresses in bulk.

I’ve put this online for general use: Mailchimp bulk user delete
Somebody pointed out – how can can they trust this form? So I have put the code here –

Just create a text file of email addresses, find your API key (how to do that) and list Unique ID (how to do that), and then you’re off.

I’ll create a few other simple but useful tools in the next few days.

NB – use sensibly.

New School, airport, instructor and plane! And first flight for 12 months!

Today was my first time back in the air for a long time! It was very good to be back up!

I’ve switched from Wycombe Air Centre, to Cranfield Flying School. It’s much cheaper, and so I am hoping to finish by PPL this summer! The only down side is the hour drive to get there!

There were no Cessna 152’s available, so I took my lessons in a PA 28, which was a nice plane to fly, and the differences were not as bad as I imagined.

After a very long wait to take-off, we few North and started practising around Santa Pod. It was basic handling revision, with medium level turns, tight turns, stalls in various configurations. We then did practise forced landings. The was I was taught these was much better, with a very useful ‘cone’ technique.

The local area at Cranfield is much easier to find your way around, lots of landmarks such as this Milton Keynes snow dome, and some wind farms.

After exploring some fields, we headed back down the M1 to Cranfield and did a touch and go, then some high glides, and finally landed completing 2.3 hours – my longest lesson yet but it didn’t seem to bad!

2.3 hours in G-RIZZ with Humphrey. 29.1 hours done – 15.9 to go! I need to do my Nav exam!!!

Linking multiple adwords accounts to analytics

Just posting this because so many other articles online seem out of date when I was searching for this issue.

With the ‘old’ version of Google Analytics, you could only have a 1:1 relationship between Adwords and Analytics accounts, so if you maintained multiple analytics accounts you would need to set up multiple adwords accounts, or manually create tracking URLs and deal with the lack of auto-tagging data.

The new version of Analytics allows you to link multiple adwords accounts to Google analytics, and this blog post tells you how!

how to get a google+ account

If you want a google plus account it’s easy to get…
  1. Get a gmail account.
  2. Get somebody in google+ to tag you (using your gmail address) in a photo.
  3. Done.

First away landing – Oxford

I’m writing this a long time after the event, as I just noticed that I never wrote this up, and I don’t want to miss anything off!

This flight was my first ever land away, and was part of my preparation for nav and local area solo. We flew into the local area and started to recognise local objects, reading ground to map (with a rough idea of where we were). Then we started radioing Oxford, requesting QDM – (asking them to give us a heading to fly towards them), simulated being lost. This works quite well and we landed at Oxford, followed by a private jet! After paying the landing fee we then headed back to Wycombe, on the way back we used radio nav equipment to fix our location. I then had to do some PFLs, before we landed back at wycombe.

1.7 hours in G-WACU with Edwards. 26.8 hours done!

Ex 19 – Basic Instrument Flying, wearing the foggles!


Foggles, very stylish.

I feel pretty dizzy and exhausted after today’s lesson. Got to wear these very exciting foggles which restrict your vision so all you can see is the instruments – no looking out the window today!

After trying to do some maneuvers with my eyes closed, and realising how impossible that is, we started doing maneuvers where I could see the instruments.

It was quite confusing at first, and required a lot of concentration!

Then we covered the DI, and I had to turn onto specific headings without the DI or compass using ‘rate 1 turns’ – this is pretty accurate which is useful to know in case for some reason I fly into cloud and the DI fails… I guess it’s all safety first!

After I took the foggles off I was treated to 2 PFLs on the way back to the airfield and had a nice crosswind for the landing. All in all a busy busy hour with some very confusing sensations thanks to the foggles!

1.1 hours in g-wacb with McGeoghan. We did ex 19, Basic Instrument flying, as well as some more PFL. Total hours flown so far = 25.1 – (19.9 to go!!)

Ex 17 Precautionary Landings and Local Area Familiarisation

Local Area map high wycombe

Must remember this!

29th of April I was due to fly (and miss out on watching the royal wedding on TV.. what a shame!)
Unfortunately a low cloud base meant we could not get into the local area, so we stayed on the ground and I got to see the royal wedding after all – hurrah…

So on the 30th I went up and the weather was better – we flew into the local area and I learned to do

a precautionary landing. These are quite fun to do actually, a bit like a forced landing but you have power so you get to fly down to 500′ and browse your intended field, then do a downwind and approach it. We also did some forced landings.

One main part we looked at which is quite important is leaning the local area – soon I will be doing local area solo so I need to make sure I don’t get lost. The map section on the right is the area I need to learn.

0.9 hours in g-wace with McGeoghan. We did ex 17, precautionary landings, forced landings, local area familiarisation and practise pans. Total hours flown so far = 24

Flying Revision – after 6 months on the ground!

So after 6 months of not flying, I had my first lesson of 2011 on 22nd April.

Because of my lack of recent flying, and being with a new instructor, the lessons was simply revision. We flew into the local area, did steep turns and also stalls in various configurations. Even though i’d not flown for 6 months I was nice and accurate – steep turns to CPL standard!

1 hour in g-wacg with McGeoghan. We did revision – steep turns, stalls. Total hours flown so far = 23.1

iPads in the cockpit…

Kind of scary?